Friday, 21 January 2011

Starting New Look 6789

So with my skirt completed I can move on to my new goal, making a dress to wear to a 40th birthday party. I've got the pattern, fabric and all the bits and bobs I'll need (hopefully) and the fabric is cut out, ready to sew. On Wednesday night, I took over the dining room table again, as my desk wasn't big enough and cut out the pattern. I pinned the pattern to the fabric... and the net table cloth underneath, which my mam found hilarious (thank god I realised before I cut it out or my mam would not have found it quite as funny). So I've cut all the pieces out and they are ready for me to sew this weekend.

Above is the pattern and the fabric I'm going to make it from. Instead of putting the ribbon with the bow across the top of the bodice, I'm going to try using a wide piece of ribbon as a sash around the waist because I think it will look nice and nip the waist in. I'll soon find out!

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  1. Hi Hayley, glad I found your blog. The fabric you have chosen for that dress looks great! Can't wait to see finished photos. Great goals for 2011, Sam xox