Monday, 31 January 2011

Getting on with New Look 6789

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I scheduled in some proper sewing time and got to work on New Look 6789. The pattern and fabric was cut out ready, so I sat down to pin the pieces together and immediately hit a problem. The instructions said to sew the front section to side front sections so in theory I should have had one front and two side sections but I had four side sections... hmmm. An hour later after rereading the instructions several times and actually pinning all four side bits to the front (well you never know, I could have been having a dippy moment) I still didn't understand why I had so many pieces. So I asked my mam for help (I've had to do that a lot up to now *sigh*) so she read the instructions and didn't understand it either. Eventually we got the other piece of paper that tells you which pattern pieces you need for each view and realised that one of the two of the pieces were actually side BACK despite having side FRONT on the pattern piece in capital letters. Grr.

Just started 6789 and already annoyed at the pattern lol
 After correcting that "slight" mistake on the pattern I finally got going and I'm onto putting the interfacing on the band that goes around the top of the dress. Has anyone else ever had problems like this with patterns or instructions? I'm hoping its not just me! =)

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  1. Hi Hayley! I was actually lurking and I am glad you posted this. I just bought this same pattern thinking of putting it together my self. This I'm sure will come in handy! You will find with MANY patterns there are glitches like this. haha But before you know it, you will be an old pro and won't even need them! ;) I'm new to the sewing world myself, you can check me out on