Monday, 22 August 2011

First attempt at an easel card

It's been a long time since I posted a project on here, mainly because my room is still not sorted. I am never ordering furniture through that well known catalogue based store that begins with an A ever again. Its been 3 weeks since the delivery men stood the boxes with my wardrobes/desk/drawers in a puddle, therefore water damaging them and I still don't know when the replacements are coming. Ridiculous.

But never mind, I'm using the dining room table as my craft area at the moment, to my mams horror (shes a clean freak and does not appreciate my clutter). So my mam asked me to make her a 50th birthday card for someone at work and I took it as an opportunity to have a go at making an easel card. I'm pleased with it for a 1st attempt, sorry in advance for the picture.

Everything I used was from my stash and I can't really remember where I got it all from. I attached the net flower with my glue gun and the scalloped square is cut with a nesting die used with my Big Shot (yes I finally got a diecutter and I love it!)

My mam is impressed so I'm happy =D. Hopefully next time I post I'll have my furniture!

Hayley x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An update

Hi everyone! Unfortunately this isn't the post saying that my room is now finished and I can get back to crafting. I wish. About three weeks on from my last post I have painted my room and got a new mattress, so everything is ready for my new wardrobes... Unforunately the delivery men damaged my wardrobes when they brought them so they have had to go back and I have to wait 3 weeks for new ones! Grrr

Anyway hopefully service will resume as usual soon. I bought a Bigshot diecutter which I love and have been messing around with it for the last few days but I can't wait to unpack all my and start cardmaking properly again =) Hopefully it won't be too long.

It's scary times in England at the moment as I'm sure everyone is aware, unless you live in a media free bubble! I don't live in London or any of the affected areas but with riots spreading through the country I might not be able to say that in the next few days. Why people would smash up their own town is beyond me, they are scum and I hope they are dealt with quickly. I hope everyone in the blog world is safe and has not been affected.

Hopefully next time I post there will be better news.

Take Care
Hayley x