Monday, 10 January 2011

Cushion cover

On my Saturday shopping trip I bought a broken cushion cover for 99p as mentioned in my previous post, heres the before pic:

The seams of two of the sides were ripped so I cut them off, made new seams and sewed it up to fit my smaller cushion. I admit I did have a slight problem with the first seam, I finished sewing it, held it up and realised I'd sewn it on the outside *face palm*. Cue a lot of unpicking and muttering under my breath (and laughter from my brother). I finally fixed the seams, sewed up the sides and attached press studs/poppers and I'm really pleased with the result! Ok I had to use my seam ripper more than I would have liked but now I've done it once I hopefully won't make the same stupid mistake again.

I must work on my "camera face"
Today I went searching through all the charity shops in town and I found "The Laura Ashley book of home decorating" from 1982 for £1.99! It shows you how to sew cushions, curtains and duvet covers and has gorgeous pictures and a fabric bound hard cover. Safe to say I'm very happy with that purchase.

For my next project I really want to make something I can wear but I can't decide what. I need something fairly easy to start with, my biggest fear about sewing apart from impaling myself on my sewing machine, is my creation discintegrating in a public place. I was thinking about pajama bottoms but if anyone has any other ideas please comment.

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