Saturday, 15 January 2011

Shopping and a new goal

So as some people may already know, I'm from the north east (England) and around here there isn't really anywhere to buy sewing patterns, notions and fabric... or so I thought! My mam remembered a shop in an industrial estate that sells all things crafty and she took me there today. I was in heaven and can guarantee I'll be back there again soon, I must have been there for nearly 2 hours running around like a kid in a sweet shop! I bought some fat quarters of fabric to experiment with and a couple of patterns that to get me started so I think I'm all good for now. This is my fave pattern:

New Look 6004

I've decided to do this pattern first instead of simplicity 7141 as its simply and I'm worried that simplicity 7141 is too complicated for my (very) basic sewing skills. I've also set myself a goal... Its my neighbors 40th birthday near the end of February and I'm determined to sew myself either a skirt or a dress to wear at her party. Tall orders but I'm gonna try! =) I'm going to get started tomorrow hopefully so more to come soon.


  1. Hayley I love the pattern! A-line without being full skirt is such a lovely silhouette :-) Have you chosen your fabric?

    Jem x

  2. Hi Jem yeah I'm using white cottony material with blue flower print and I'm nearly done! Just need to pin and sew the hem then I'm finished, I've really enjoyed making it :)

    Hayley x