Monday, 2 May 2011

Craft shows and bungie jumps

Hi everyone! I meant to post this yesterday but it was a bit of a crazy day and I didn't get a chance. I went to the Sincerely Yours papercraft show at Gateshead stadium and had a great time. It was well organised and really busy, so busy that I had to follow the cars infront of me and park on the grass at the very back of the huge carpark! I bought loads of cool stuff that I'll be showing off over the next couple of weeks. Sorry I didn't get any pics, I was too busy running from stall to stall!

So after I spent all my money I met up with my family (they aren't craft show people) and we went to the quayside for the charity bungie jump that my brother and cousin were taking part in. They were jumping in memory of my other cousin who sadly was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2009 and they made the family very proud. I'm not brave enough to jump out of a crane (I don't like heights!) at 175ft but it turned out that each jumper was allowed to take a person up in the crane with them so I managed to talk myself into going in the crane with my cousin. I really enjoyed it and weirdly it wasn't scary, although it may have helped that I knew I was coming down in the crane and didn't have to leap out of it with a piece of elastic tied around my ankles! It was brilliant and my cousin Dionne was very brave and jumped out backwards! So here is a pic of my brother bungie jumping (don't tell him I put this on here!)

I'm so proud! =)

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  1. Congrats to your brother and cousin for being so brave on Sunday and doing the jump.. I couldn't have.. Lol.. Also to your late cousin for being brave and fighting on behalf of our country.. I'm glad you enjoyed the show as much as you did but you really shouldn't have felt shy.. I'd have loved to have said hi to you..

    Love 'n' hugs from me to you xxxxxx