Monday, 23 May 2011

A busy weekend

Sorry everyone, its just a quick post tonight! I've had a very crafty weekend, especially yesterday and got a few cards done.

Sorry the pic isn't very detailed, I tried a few different styles of cards and some of them are the same but different papers/colours. I made some more cards today but they are not on the picture cos I took it last night. I'll try to upload them tomorrow. I'm feeling very productive at the moment so I'm making the most of it! The reason I've started mass producing cards is I've decided to take the plunge and start trying to sell my cards. Yikes! I'm thinking of setting up stall at the local school summer fairs and I suppose I can sell to family and friends but I'm a little embarrassed and daunted. So my lovely followers... do you have any advice or tips? Please let me know. Excited and scared in equal measures...

Hayley x

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  1. Ooh, exciting! Go for it! Make sure you work out exactly how much materials cost for each card, and don't forget to factor in your time into the cost, or you'll end up at a loss. Good luck!
    Ashley x