Friday, 4 March 2011

An apology

I'm afraid it's only four days into Me Made March and I'm having to pull out. Yes I've  seriously failed already. All of the clothes and accessories (and at the moment there's only a few) that I've made or altered are short sleeved, made of thin material or are in some way suited for spring/summery weather. So unfortunately mother nature has decided that this week in the North East (England) it will be frosty and very cold, so in other words not good weather to wear a skirt or short sleeved top. Typical.

On top of the rubbish weather, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I completely overestimated how many pieces of clothing I could alter or make from scratch in the run up to Me Made March. I got ahead of myself and probably wouldn't have been able to finish the challenge without wearing the same garments several times throughout the month. Oh well. So I'm offically declaring myself out of Me Made March this time but I will definitely participate again in the future, as I still think it's a brilliant idea and I enjoyed the laughably short amount of time I took part.

For now I have a couple of refashions/alterations ready to do and I'm making my mam's birthday present and mothers day  present this year (sorry in advance mam), but as she isn't very internet savvy and I had to spend half an hour explaining to her what a blog is, I don't need to worry about her reading the blog and discovering what she will be getting. I'm making a hot water bottle cover for her birthday with maybe some chocolates or flowers and I haven't decided what to make for mothers day. Any suggestions are welcome!

As for my party dress, I missed my deadline and wore I different dress to my neighbours party. I failed (again!) but the dress will be getting finished at some point, for now for the sake of my sanity I have put it aside and I'm focussing on my mam's presents, my refashions and a summery top that I have in the pipeline. More news on those projects soon! So to end, sorry again for pulling out of Me Made March so early on and bring on spring/summer and the warmer weather!


  1. Aw, Hayley! You CAN wear the same thing more than once in a month,if that helps. I'm layering my skirts/dresses up with thick tights, and my short sleeves up with cardigans to make them "season appropriate"....

  2. I know but I haven't got much to wear and don't think I can keep up lol. I'll definitely be doing it properly next time though!
    Hayley X

  3. Don't feel too rubbish about it Hayley - I went through a couple of months of a complete slump and barely made anything, it will come back around again when you're not so busy! :-)

    Jem xXx